A listing of the Xendian Federation's planetary (ground) vehicles.


Main Battle Tank


The Omatsu is the Federation's Main Battle Tank. It carries a heavy Tank Gun on its main turret, with a machine gun mounted towards the rear.

Anti-Infantry Vehicles / Support


The Tamoki is a multipurpose light tank designed to be fitted with multiple loadouts, including anti-air flak shells, anti-infantry machine guns, and anti-tank cannons. One version actually forgoes the cannon and instead features the ability to lay mines.


Unarmored Transports


The Sujan quad bike is a small two-man transport. The vehicle is unarmed, although the soldier riding in the back can use their personal weapon in an anti-infantry role. The Sujan is not built to endure direct hits from any weapons larger than a handgun, and thus relies on its speed to survive on the battlefield.

Armored Transports