Vazaa III

Atmospheric Density:

1.2 atm (Atmospheres)

Approximate Size:

3,078 km (Equatorial Radius)

Tectonic Activity Level:


Weather Paterns:

Frequent storms, volcanic eruptions

Average Temperature:

40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit)

Atmospheric Composition:

21.1% Oxygen, 1.5% Argon, 6.2% Carbon Dioxide, 0.92% Trace Gasses, 70.1% Nitrogen



Planetary Age:

2.6 billion years

Orbital Position:

Third planet

Solar System:


Vazaa III is the homeworld of the Krath, located in the Vazaa system. It is a violent planet, frequented by storms, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Nevertheless, it is a major Union world and the Krath are proud to call it home. A major contributing factor to Vazaa III's current condition is likely the frequent wars between Krath factions. Though they ceased several hundred years ago, the planet still bears the scars of war.


Vazaa III's surface is 75% water, with one large continent. The ocean as a whole is called the Vzaad Ocean, while the continent is named Ulzr. Almost all of the planet is plagued by storms, and off the coast of Ulzr exist many volcanic islands which erupt frequently. The planet is fairly tectonically unstable, with frequent earthquakes.

Ulzr's defining feature is the Kvatha Divide, a massive crater visible from orbit. It is believed to be from an asteroid impact billions of years ago which caused a mass extinction event and contributed to Vazaa III's harsh climate. The Divide was once believed to have been caused by a battle between Gods, and was considered a sacred site to all Krath. Ancient Krath tribes and later Krath nations used it as a neutral meeting ground. This was many thousands of years ago, and most details of its sacred nature have been lost over the centuries. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction. Cities have been built around the rim, which forms the Izvad Mountain Range. This mountain range is home to Vazaa III's highest mountain, the Taknir Spire. At the center of the Kvatha Divide is Azarr, the largest city on Vazaa III.