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  • Metroidfan01

    Okay, so GC has carried three seperate series names over the course of its run (Original, PS, and Creatione. Not counting my attempted rebirthing in an alternate universe post-CIP destruction). However, aside from The Original Series we have no good name for the initial (parts 1-17). Thus, I beseech ye therefore dear brethren, suggest good names in the comments below with a reason as to why it should be named that, and I will add them to a list of possibilities. We can vote a la poll once we have a good enough list.

    • The Galactic Conquest - Paying homage to the original thread's title, while also summing up the series.
    • Galactic Conquest: The CIP Saga - Since the original series covers the history of the CIP up until its death, and then reviva‚Ķ

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  • Metroidfan01

    We now have templates on the wiki for Characters, Races, Planets, Governments, and Ships. Examples below:

    So, enjoy!

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