United Universe Federation

Type of Government:


Founding Document:

Ordinance 9406-L45

Head of State:



Neiram, Earth


Cr [Credits]

Official Language:

English, Other Official Languages Currently Undisclosed

Formed From:

United Systems

Date of establishment:

August 14, 2796 ( UUF Prime Universe Earthdate)

-Administrator Faction-

Faction Summary

The UUF is one four named powers to have control on the level of the omniverse and is in general incomprehensible due to their age, size, and point of technological achievement. They have been present for all of recorded history files and will likely remain so in a more subtle manner. Their past contributions to known history include being one of the primary driving forces in the CIP prior to its destruction at their hands, albeit this act was to prevent catastrophe by way of a fallen former rival power returning to ravage it. It is currently a more passive observer over the Pelos universe for a social experimentation session on what is to them a fairly trivial scale. In the galaxy of Ceros they had morphed it into a ring galaxy and seeded it with various planets and a few races. One of the most notable seeded races and the only one in constant contact with other powers was the Terrans. After a series of events leading to a cluster-wide war that left almost all surviving powers in decline, the galaxy was rewinded several million years and evolution took its course all over again. They have repeated their previous action of dropping databases of information on the CIP for the young races to find, albeit more well hidden than before to push discovery back to a point less chaotic in time than prior. They remain still on the galactic rim to observe the social evolution of the various civilizations within the galaxy.

Admin Notes

-The UUF is a background faction, only acting IC on rare occasions. 

-They have a strict policy of preventing their experiments from completely wiping out something they observe, even if they are fully capable of replacing it.

-The reason there are no other Omniverse Empires present in GC is the guarantee of armed conflict between the UUF and the arriving faction.

History Summary

The UUF started as a small human empire within the Milky Way. This faction was known as the United Stars of Terra, a democratic empire spanning a mere 6 star systems by the Terran year of 2200 due to a slow expansion rate, preferring to go slowly and get some infrastructure on their worlds before starting new colonies. Their closest allies were the Tekari Coalition, an advanced empire containing four races, headed by the Tekari, a technocratic reptilian race. Over the following centuries they slowly expanded through colonization and a lesser extent, war. In 2546, a war viewed somewhat akin to an ancient horrible war known as "WWII" by mankind occurs and envelops all of the Orion Arm. In the aftermath of this, it was decided to start a union of all civilized races to prevent another war such as this, the "United Systems". 

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