2D image of Telmun.

Telmun, scientifically referred to as Ilesa Major, is the homeworld of the Ilessar. It is the fourth planet in the system of Cladius Ilessius.


Telmun is very mild, covered in savannahs, grasslands, deciduous woodlands, and large, tranquil lakes, save for the massive reddish mountain range that divides the main continent, Hemhir's Talons. Khefnspire is a massive, straight outcropping of rock located in the highest regions of the Talons, and is one of the main attractions on the planet. Telmun is abundant with Machrillum, a highly reflective, flexible metal that is used heavily by the Ilessar.


Telmun has two moons, Fartheir and Kenfir. Fartheir, the larger, is the larger, and is nothing but an icy rock. Kenfir is covered in strange fungi and is unbearably hot. Every five standard months, Kenfir passes in front of Fartheir, creating a small eclipse in the center of Fartheir's looming form.


Telmun is generally warm and rainy, and there are many terraced farms that rely on seasonal flooding to grow crops.