Systems of United Cyrannatarians
System of United Cyrannatarians Symbol

Type of Government:

Parliamentary Monarchy

Founding Document:


Head of State:

Emperor Yurola II


New Cyrannus


Imperial Currency

Official Language:


Formed From:

Greater Empire of the New Cyrannus

Date of establishment:

Early 2174


The SUC was a temporary government created by Emperor Yurola II to try and reform the GENC into something that the general population of Verion could enjoy. The SUC's time of existence was short, only about a month. The SUC was known to have flawed systems in their government, and as a result, unleashed the Cerebrum Wormatiam upon the Cyrannatarian population, and the parliament was also known to be made up of severe cowards. Many of the members of parliament fled the country as the outbreak of the parasite spread too wide in Cyrannatarian space, often evacuating to the also infected worlds of the Corrundians. Those who stayed loyal and remained on New Cyrannus were rewarded with titles of nobility as the CK rolled after the SUC disbanded.

The SUC was ment to be some what of a democracy, but it did not work out that well. Many of the members of parliament still held the imperial ideas of conquest from the GENC. Some of the members of parliament were from the CE and ECP, which did not make things any better. The Emperor did not want to remove them, as he thought that everyone should be given a chance, and he also believed that if he did, the other nations would look down upon the SUC for putting down democracy.