Railcannons are weapons used by the Trayn Collective.

Railcannon TypesEdit

'Scorpion' RailcannonEdit

The 'Scorpion' Railcannon is the standard weapon of the Trayn. It is similar to an autocannon, except it is a railgun, hence the name. It fires a five round burst of 150mm slugs, usually made of tungsten. The slugs travel at 14 km/s. The weapon is very versatile, capable of being fitted with a variety of ammunition types. Jamming is possible, but unlikely.

The Scorpion is the most widely used weapon in the Trayn arsenal. Its bigger, more powerful brother, the 'Striker' Heavy Railcannon, is the second most widely used weapon.

'Striker' Heavy RailcannonEdit

The 'Striker' Heavy Railcannon is a large Railcannon used by the Trayn Collective. One of their most commonly used weapons, second only to the smaller and less powerful 'Scorpion' Railcannon, it is similar to an autocannon, except, as its name suggests, a railgun. It accelerates 350mm tungsten slugs to 17 km/s, firing in four round bursts. Due to its larger size, it cannot be fielded in the same large numbers as its smaller counterpart.