A broad term used to describe the generally hostile diplomatic situation between the Malsuth Empire and Corrundian Empire , Malsuth-Corrundian Hostilities are a nearly decade old conflict that is still ongoing.  

Malsuth-Corrundian Hostilities
Date: 2167-Present
Location: Verion Cluster
Result: Breakup of the Corrundian Empire.

Two new nations formed from the Corrundian Empire.

Corrundian Civil War begins.

Malsuth Empire (2167-Present)

Tai'Ran (LAN) (2174-Present)

Assembly of Flocks (2175-Present)

Corrundian Empire (2167-Present)
Notable commanders

Duchess Alandressa Sobaski (2167-Present)

Empress Camilla Vitus I (2167-Present)

Imperial Senate (2167-2170)

Admiralty Board (2170-2174)

Imperial Admiralty Board (2174-Present)


Flockschancellor Lesan Kernalis (2175-Present)

Flockmaster Bordno Pekra (2175-Present)

Ardan III (2167-2169)

Ardan IV (2169-Present)

Boren Wurghast (2167-2175)


The beginning of Malsuth-Corrundian Hostilities began with the First Contact War (2167) which resulted in a tactical stalemate, but overall a Malsuth strategic victory with the preservation of their independence. The war in the long term combined with other Corrundian actions in the cluster resulted in a massive popular opinion change against the Corrundian Empire. The Malsuth over the period between 2167 and 2174 overall favored a war with the Corrundian Empire in retaliation for the First Contact War.

Freezing of HostilitiesEdit

The conflict was frozen from 2167 to 2174 due to the ignition of hostities with the Trayn and Conglomerate, with the Malsuth and Corrundian Empires forming the Allied Bloc to counter this threat. The Bloc was an ineffective diplomatic arrangement, which came to be dominated by the Malsuth Empire and its vassals and satelite states. The Bloc, and the Malsuth-Corrundian Alliance with it, was dissolved with the Verion Campaign during the TSE Invasion of the Verion Cluster in 2173.

Reignition of HostilitiesEdit

The conflict however was not buried with the Allied Bloc and was reignited by the Malsuth Empire during the Malsuth-Corrundian War. The war was a decisive Malsuth victory over the course of around nine months after the Malsuth attack of the Corrundian Empire. This victory resulted in the breakup of the Corrundian Empire and the Corrundian Civil War. The conflict is still ongoing, with the remaining Corrundian Empire remnants maintaining cold relations with the Malsuth Empire and opinion of the Malsuth in the Assembly being very low.