The MOC was the name given to the headquarters of the combined forces of  the three superpower nations on Ta'Yal, following the alliance that formed the LAN. It has since become considered the de facto name for the entire combined military.


As the name suggests, Spaceforce is the section of the MOC that deals with extraplanetary operations. It has a diverse range of functions, from defence to industrial to exploration, though exploration is usually left to civilians and the industrial division (which covers both construction and fleet auxiliaries) is primarily intended to bypass the difficulties caused by hiring private contractors.

Latest figures:

DSIMV Constructor [cruiser]: 8

Narvak Constructor [destroyer]: 132

Ta'Ryla (Defender) [destroyer]: 2

Si'Halka (Monitor) [destroyer]: 0

Kal'Ria (Harpoon)  [corvette]: 1848

Shal'Ax (Banshee) [frigate]: 0

Pal'Ma  (Typhoon)  UAPKV  [frigate]: 0

Freighter conversions: 1 Strike Craft Carrier, 1 Siege Cruiser


An orbital patrol and planetary defence force primarily made up of SSTO strike craft, though it does have personell on space stations working with police to protect against smuggling and low-grade piracy.


Although one of the least active of the MOC's divisions, Groundforce makes up the majority of LAN military personell. This is partially due to conditions on Ta'Yal requiring a constantly active army to protect civilians from wildlife, but mostly because of the massive Groundforce Reserves. Since Groundforce is so rarely active, it has a large Reserve force made up of volunteer civilians who train in their free time to draw on in case of colony war or other emergency. Groundforce is dependent on Spaceforce or hired freighters to project offensive force outside of LAN territory.

Latest figures:

Regular: 7,121,000

Reserve: 15,000,000


Like Spaceguard, the Airforce operates SSTOs, but is primarily based around dedicated atmospheric craft that can easily outmatch most craft intended for air and space. Airforce also controls planetary missile defence systems. They also provide airlift capability for the other forces, though suborbital hop is faster.


Planetary sea-based division. Mostly operates ships from sizes small to massive, though also operates transport ecranoplans, hovercraft and battlehovercraft to work with Groundforce. 


The planetbound equivalent of Spaceguard, but with frigate-sized seagoing ships. They protect ports and coastlines and enforce maritime laws.