The base drive type for the Malsuth Septimus Drive, the Hyperslip Drive-type is a FTL Drive that relies on both Warp Drive and Hyperspace Drive technologies. The drive drags the vessel into an alternate universe of the universe that is currently being used by the vessel. The Universe that the vessel is dragged into has a higher speed of light, and a shorter distance between objects along with smaller objects in the universe. The equivalent universe that the vessel is dragged into, based on the advancement of the drive, is smaller with a higher speed of light than the main universe.

The drive, however, suffers dropout accuracy errors at higher settings due to the size differences. This can lead to either the drive being forced to use more tactical settings for slower deployment, which can lead to overshoot or undershoot in some cases where a tactical drive setting isin't used. The HyperSlip Drive is a drive heavily deployed by the Malsuth however, who are the only ones in the Cluster to field and use the drive and have knowledge of how it works.


  • The drive offers a natural cloak from the host universe without monitoring stations in the same universe being used for transit.
  • The drive offers a mirror image of the base universe which can be used for advanced information which gets more distorted the faster you go. A slow, tactical universe will offer a near-same image of the base universe while a FTL universe will offer a far more distorted image due to differing choices.
  • The vessel using it cannot be dragged out of FTL at all in mid-flight due to not being anywhere near the same universe as vessels not within its universe.
  • The way the drive operates with universes allows the drive to switch between Interstellar FTL to speeds suitable for moving between planets on the fly without having to drop into Real-Space via switching in the alternate universes.


  • Lack of 'true' FTL means that smaller vessels with higher acceleration are able to travel faster via a Hyperslip Drive which leads to fleet speed discrepancies if not monitored.
  • The shortened distances mean that Capital Ships are unable to make use of smaller HyperSlip Drive universes, and in some cases, make use of HyperSlip Drives at all
  • It is as slow as a Hyperspace Drive, while maintaining all the costs and lack of ease of manufacture as a Warp Drive. 
  • The drive can only carry up to two charges, and one full charge is needed to drop out or change speeds. The drive takes 1-2 days to charge up fully, which can lead to incredibly slow retreats or offensives due to the charge speed.