Greater Empire of the New Cyrannus
Flag of the GENC

Type of Government:

Communist Authoritarian Autocracy

Founding Document:


Head of State:

Emperor Yurola I


New Cyrannus


IC (Imperial Currency)

Official Language:


Formed From:

Fourth United Republic Of Cyrannus

Date of establishment:

Near the end of 2173


The Greater Empire of the New Cyrannus was founded after the second capital of the Fourth Cyrannatarian Republic, Aurora , was destroyed by trick refugees. The highest Cyrannatar in command, Fleet Admiral Yurola, immediately declared himself Emperor and enforced a totalitarian regime, repressing the peoples of the former Republic.

General InformationEdit

-Government Sheet-

Name: Greater Empire of the New Cyrannus

Capital (City name/planet name)*: New Cyrannus

Leading Race (If it is a confederation, who's in charge?): Cyrannatar. Aurorans are also included, but have limited rights. Katuri are also included, but have hardly any rights at all.

Current Leader: Grand Emperor Yurola

Government System (e.g. Democracy, Dictatorship, Republic, Monarchy): Communist Authoritarian Autocracy

Moral Alignment* (Good, evil, neutral, etc?): Lawful Neutral

History*: Founded after the destruction of the government of the Republic.

Emblem*: A golden Republic of Cyrannus symbol, however flipped upside down and surrounded by 12 golden stars. The Cyrannus symbol is outlined in a light grey/dark white

Military Branches*: Army, Navy, Marines, Special Forces

Other*: Formed from the 4th United Federal Republic Of Cyrannus

Factonal Theme*: For The Emperor (Instrumental)


The GENC is organized into the Core Worlds, Mid Region, Outer Region, and Fringe Region. Core worlds are roughly around the area the 1st URC took up when they began their colonization efforts. The Mid Region is further outwards a bit, bordering the Core Worlds and the Outer Region. This was the 2nd URC's colonization efforts. The Outer Region goes out farther, and is the 3rd URC's colonization efforts. The Fringe Region is the last region, consisting of all border worlds. These are the newest worlds in the Empire and were the 4th URC's colonization efforts.

Another type, the Deep Worlds, consist of only Rantor, the Cyrannatarian colony in deep space. The deep worlds will continue to expand to possibly Foen and Fushima, as the GENC were looking to retake them from the former Numican Alliance.

Current StatusEdit

The Empire has begun major reforms and has attempted to raise relations with other factions nearby.