When we are finished establishing this constitution, we have already won the war ahead; for neither the Malsuth nor the old Empire can shatter the flying spirit of a free people. - Lesan Kernalis

Corrundian Assembly of Flocks
Revolutionary Flag of the Assembly. The banner depicts the Corrundian star of unity against a backdrop of each of the flocks' colors.

Type of Government:

Socialist Democracy

Founding Document:

Declaration of Independence from the Corrundian Empire

Head of State:

Flockschancellor Lesan Kernalis


Boriana, Obentisan III


Imperial Credit(interim)

Official Language:

Imperial Dialect

Formed From:

Corrundian Empire

Date of establishment:

Early-mid 2175


The Assembly was founded in 2175 as a response to the decade of tyranny, paranoia, and mismanagement  the Corrundian people had faced under the rule of the emperors Ardan III and Ardan IV, and as a means to continue the resistance against foreign influences the Empire tried to form with its failing oppressive means.

Government Structure Edit


The governmental structure of the Assembly functions as a socialist-democratic structure, with an economic structure tailored to the welfare of its people whilst still maintaining a forum for its people to conduct proper discourse.

The Quorum of the Assembly

The Quorum of the Assembly is the main legislative body of the Assembly as a whole, responsible for passing all legislature to be put into effect, be it laws or policies to be acted on. Each planet receives seats for the Quorum dependent on its population, which a particular candidate can hold for a six year term before their re-election comes about. 

The ChancelloryEdit

The Flockschancellor of the Assembly is the main executive official of the Assembly, acting as its voice and projection of authority. The Chancellor serves a term of one decade in their role, representing the Assembly's authority as a whole with the rest of the people and the galaxy. As the leader of the Quorum the chancellor's vote counts double in the event of a tie within the legislature. 

The Cabinet of Flockmasters Edit

The Cabinet consists of the recognized leaders of each of the flocks of the Corrundian people and act as the strongest representatives of each ethnicity. Each of the nine Flockmasters and their descendants are entitled and required to serve on this board, the only hereditary office to still exist in the new regime. The cabinet serves as an advisory board with limited actual power, only as a body being permitted to handle specific cases which require their explicit attention. Members of the cabinet may run for and obtain other political offices, but must forfeit their hereditary rights for the duration of their term.