Corrundian-Cyrannatarian PT Incident Of 2173
Date: Late 2173
Location: Corrundian Empire space, exact location unknown.
Result: Corrundian Empire victorious; Cyrannatarian vessel removed from Imperial space
Greater Empire of the New Cyrannus Corrundian Empire
Notable commanders
Captain Yak'rel Marshal Tarus
ICW-001 Noble C.M.S. Halveris
Casualties and losses
ICW-001 Noble

Almost entire crew loss

Notable damage to the C.M.S. Halveris
The Corrundian-Cyrannatarian PT Incident Of 2173 occured in late 2173 after the Verion Campaign, in Corrundian space.

The Noble's ArrivalEdit

The ICW-001 Noble, a Cyrannatarian vessel, left from New Cyrannus, and arrived at the Corrundian border after two days. The Noble then entered Corrundian space, after the Corrundians did not respond to their request for access to their territory. It spent a few days heading a straight path into Corrundian territory, going to M-158, to try and get some survivors.

The C.M.S. Halveris, commanded by Marshal Tarus Emerius , then intercepted the Noble. After a brief discussion over subspace, as a result of the Cyrannatarian vessel attempting to ignore Imperial protocol regarding foreign vessels, the vessel engaged the Noble. The Noble then requested for help from the Palace, and tried it's best to hold against the Corrundian vessel. 

After a continued bombardment, and heavy resistance, the Noble's aft shields failed and it's engines were blown to bits. After continual bombardment, the ship's aft section was ripped to shreds. Crewmembers of the Noble boarded the lifepods, except the bridge crew, who continued to operate the ship from the very front. A Cyrannatarian marching song, named 'The Charge' or 'De'mar cark ' in Cyrannatarian , began to play as the crews escaped the ship. The song continued to play in the pods remotely, from the ship.

The Corrundian ship pressed the attack, and the reactors of the ship explode, sparing only the very front, like the bridge, from the explosion. The bridge crew was knocked out, and the remaining piece of the ship is floating in space. The music stopped flowing to the lifepods, as the survivors see their ship blown to pieces.

Soon afterwards, the Corrundians fired upon the escape pods, and nearly the entire crew was lost. To put an end to future incursions, Tarus orders a subspace announcement on all channels reaffirming Imperial authority.